About Vix


Hi huns,

Let me introduce myself here guys…

I’m 22, bit lost, bit found. I have always wanted to document my life because:

  1. I’m the unluckiest person in the world
  2. Shit always happens to Vix
  3. I drink a lot which means I have a few stories to tell
  4. Apparently I’ve got some decent advice
  5. I’m a pro at being mugged off so I think I can make you feel better.

I live in the middle of fucking no where (there’s one bus into town every 3 hours on Wednesday’s) in rural East Sussex with my parents and my not-ok-hun cat. He does have an insta btw @Iwannabejessiesgirl

I didn’t go uni, have a standard call centre type job and a passion 4 havin’ a rant, drinking & ruining my life.

I look forward to our adventures together my petals